Here are some incredibly ghetto laws, but keep in mind these are not all "proven" but still, just for kicks check it out.

Alabama - It is against the law travel along the streets in a motorboat. (AWWW!! now I'm gonna have to travel in a SPEEDboat!)

Alaska - No youngster is aloud to build a snowman taller than itself on school property. ( So much for Frosty.)

Arizona - Donkeys may not sleep in bath tubs. ( I guess its back to the puddles for Yanky)

Arkansas - A man can legally beat his wife, only no more than once a month. ( I'd hate to live there)

California - It's against the law for two or more babies to bathe at the same time in the same tub. ( Rubber duck is gonna be lonely tonight)

Colorado - People cannot lend others their vacums. ( Dust bunnies will triple in size )

Conneticut - In order for a pickle to be classified as a pickle it must be able to bounce. ( Attention all pickles: BOUNCE! BOUNCE FOR YOUR LIVES! ) 

Delaware - If you wanna go over a body of water you MUST have supplies. (awww man! i wanted to just GO on over!)

Florida - Single woman may not go parachuting on Sundays. ( Man, I'm gonna have to find a new hobby )

Georgia - All citizens must own a rake. ( Those leaves must be deadly down there)

Hawaii -  It is illegal it pu pennies in your ear ( where else is Abe soppused to go?)

Idaho - It is considered offensive to ride a merry-go-round on Sunday.(what esle are we suppose to do on Sunday? Go to church?)

Illinois - You may not fish while on the neck of a giraffe. (There goes the redneck way to fly fish!)

Indiana - It is illegal to bathe in the winter. (WOW!! Snow's really gonna STINK!)

Iowa - According to the law, kisses may last for as much as, but no more than 5 minutes. ( there goes our half-hour of fun!)

Kansas - It is illegal to wash your dentures in a public water fountain (but thats where the best water supply is!!)